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Values, Missions & Commitments

The Carrière Frères brand favours a committed, transparent approach and responsible sourcing from the composition of products to packaging.

With an almost obsessive fascination for nature, Carrière Frères seeks to embody the plant world with sensitivity and respect. Flowers, herbs, woods and fruits... Each botanical treasure is classified, then closely studied to recreate its full complexity in candles, botanical palets, diffusers or room sprays. All olfactory forms which allow us to protect the beauty of each plant and its unique benefits.

Nature, then humans

Carrière Frères is not like every other brand. Here, the man, the perfumer, disappears behind his source of inspiration, nature, to celebrate it in its purest beauty. Each creation is the opportunity to meticulously decrypt everything that characterises the fragrance of a plant, to pay it the most fitting tribute by showcasing its beauty without ever betraying it. When it comes to fragrances, there is always a certain element of subjectivity, but we strive to convey the most universally beautiful expression of each plant we work with.

Creating beautiful products that make you feel good

By respecting the purest essence of each botanical element, we seek in fine to perfectly stimulate the emotions often associated with them. The gentle sweetness of orange blossom, the zesty exoticism of ginger, the extraordinary freshness of spearmint... While our initial approach is rather intellectual, nourished by an irrepressible desire to know everything there is to know about nature, to collect and classify, our scented objects directly touch the emotions. Each scent has the immense power to reactivate happy olfactory memories. Our objects are about childhood, intimacy, each person’s own story. With their evocative fragrances, they allow us to create and form new rituals, new memories. The olfactory Madeleines of the future!

Respect, but also protect

For several years, Carrière Frères has been trying to give back to nature for all it gives to us. Gradually, we questioned, then challenged each element involved in the development of a Carrière Frères product in order to adopt an approach which is as environmentally-friendly as possible. Today, we are proud to obtain our supplies in France and Western Europe whenever possible, and to produce all of our products in mainland France, and more specifically in Normandy.

Step by step, we are eliminating or replacing any non-renewable element in our manufacturing chain: the cellophane, foam padding, ink and the cardboard we use which is now 100% recycled and FSC certified. The candles themselves are obviously not excluded from the sustainable development approach. Our goal is to make all Carrière Frères candles with 100% vegetable wax by 2022. Whenever possible and hand in hand with perfume maker Robertet, our privileged partner, we choose fragranced essences composed of a maximum of natural ingredients, respectfully extracted from individuals and regions.

Always progressing

Today, Carrière Frères is writing a new chapter in its story with the botanical world through a landscaped garden project in the heart of Perche, in the town of Mortagne, the birthplace of our manufacture. The goal of this project is to showcase local biodiversity, in particular by creating a 200 m2 seed library allowing the free circulation of rare seeds but also through the installation of an educational beehive. A new building block in our local integration in Normandy, this unprecedented site is already a true educational and ecological transition project. And of course, the opportunity to express ourselves and make our values known to as many people as possible.